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Refined Expertise

Do you, your managers or field-based team know what they should be focused on?

How do you know your restaurant is performing well?  What measures do you have in place?   These are question that often go unasked, or even worse, unanswered!  Let On The Pulse Consulting Inc. partner and work with you and your team to show you what Excellence looks like in your restaurant and more importantly, assist you in elevating your restaurant’s operational Excellence.

“There are more ways to lose money in the restaurant industry than there is to make money".

This may be true for many restaurants, though partnering with On The Pulse Consulting Inc. changes the game.  We know what it takes to operate successfully and love to share our expertise with our partners.  From systems and process development, implementation through to performance monitoring, we build a strong foundation for your restaurant.   We believe systems truly run restaurants and leaders lead people, enabling your entire team to focus on what is most important- providing excellent service.

“You only get one chance to make a first impression”.

Partnering with On The Pulse Consulting Inc. will ensure you make the best first impression possible, gaining loyal customers from day one. We will guide you through the entire process to make Opening Day a success.  Leverage our systems or work with us to develop your own-either way, we are your partner throughout the entire project.

For new market entries:

Partnering with On The Pulse Consulting Inc. will make your Canadian entry a successful one.  We are experts within the Canadian restaurant industry, and our knowledge can make finding, assessing and selecting the right domestic partners, suppliers, distributors etc stress free.